Friday, June 27, 2008


8 x 10
Original Sold
Signed 8 x 10 giclee print: $55
Note cards available

I have loved red eft salamanders since early childhood when we would find them at camp. Now my children enjoy finding them with me. We were in Milford, Pennsylvania at a family camping weekend when we found the models for this painting. My mom and my kids took a hike with me in the rain and we counted over 100 salamanders. I think they are lovely. We gently "borrowed" a dozen or so and brought them back to our cabin for a photo op before returning them where we found them. We find plenty of them in the woods close to home, too.

The painting has an abstract element in it that is unusual for me. I just wasn't interested in painting dirt, leaves and pine needles at the time. I was compelled to paint the little creatures and went loose for the background. I almost named this "Salamanders in Space" or "Space Salamanders". I just had more note cards printed. The proof showed the image a bit saturated and I decided to go with it because they are super bright orange in these note cards and I like them even better. The purple is more intense too.

I am leaving for the Adirondacks tomorrow morning on vacation. No new posts coming for more than a week. I am not high tech enough at the moment to bother learning how to tell the post to post while I am gone, plus I haven't finished packing and I have ice cream churning. (The ice cream is made with our fresh raw organic goat milk, our fresh raw eggs and local maple syrup! More about that on Jeff's "Wanna Bee Farm" blog someday maybe. It is almost midnight. Good night!

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