Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kayaking to another commission

We are back from a week in the Adirondacks. Had a nice time with the loons and ducks. I got some beautiful photos out on Loon Lake. My favorite is Mommy Mallard duck and her ducklings. I look forward to painting it. I'll crop it and make the water more interesting and it should make a sweet painting.

I won't be getting to it very soon though...

This photo is a Loon Lake "camp". The tennis courts are behind and to the right. I went kayaking around the lake and found myself another commission! (See post dated April 1, 2008 for the first one.) I love the stone chimney. This is going to be a 16 x 20 and is going to keep me busy for a while! The Neuschwanstein Castle and the duckies will have to wait.

I'll post other paintings now and then so you will have paintings to see while I am busy with this commission. Maybe I'll post the work in progress.

Jeff took a video of Loon Lake. I think it is one of his nicest! It even shows a loon. Soon Jeff will be buying a real video camera! View his video at:

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