Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hendricks Head Lighthouse

Hendricks Head Lighthouse
11 x 14
$450 with mat and frame

I finished this painting today, and submitted it to the Connecticut Watercolor Society 68th Annual Exhibition. I had borrowed Cheetah, a painting owned by my sister-in-law to enter in the show in case I didn't get the lighthouse done in time. Friday I was looking over the entry form and discovered I could enter two paintings. It was a busy weekend, but I squeezed in four or five hours of painting and feel good about entering both paintings. I have a better chance of getting in with two. The opening reception is next Sunday. I hope to be there.

This lighthouse is in Maine and the reference photo was taken by my friend Allan Perrie. He is the same person who took the photo of the Cheetah while on Safari in Tanzania. I will post the cheetah another day. Now that this painting is done I can go back to birds! I have a goldfinch already drawn out and a robin photo I really like. :)

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