Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pumpkins, Pets and Playing Cards

I finished this painting yesterday. It is a 5 x 7 commission for Newt's Playing cards, and they now own this image and the painting. This is the 5th painting I have done for them to use as the card back of decks of playing cards. This deck is called "Pampered Pets of Pickaway County". It is still in the production stage and won't be out for months. They hope to make lots of decks like these as fundraisers for animal shelters and humane societies. I plan on having some for sale when they are done.

This is a 5 x 7 painting of the Ponce Lighthouse in Florida, painted for Newt's lighthouse deck. I painted this in May and these cards won't be available for a few months either. I'll post when I have them for sale.

(Update - January 2009 - Lighthouse deck available!)

I like this painting and deck best so far. It is the "Vintage Pumpkin Deck" and I was more creatively involved in the composition of the painting, another 5 x 7. I researched vintage tractors and looked at lots of pumpkins before painting. I like the pumpkin art images on the fronts of the cards. You can learn more about this deck and see some of the art by going to Newt's Cards. This deck has already been produced and I am selling them for $5.99 each, same as Newt's Cards does. The smaller picture shows the card back now that they put the title and "Pumpkins" on it.

The second card back I did for Newt's was for the Delphos Canal Commission Museum. The cards are a fund raiser and sell for $10 a piece by the museum. It was a little different taking a very horizontal building and putting it into a vertical painting. That is why there is so much sky.

Newt's Cards used this image as the back for the the Cumming County Historical Society playing card deck, another fund raiser. The museum used to be a train depot and still has a caboose.

Keep Newt's Cards in mind if you need a different kind of fund raiser for your organization or club.

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