Thursday, June 5, 2008

Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor
14 x 17
Sold (again)
I refer to this painting as the "loose tree". The official name was suggested by someone when I was hanging it in a show. I hadn't put it on my web site because it doesn't look anything like my usual paintings. I actually never even took a photo of it until this morning. I considered naming this post "And now for something completely different".
I went to a Jeanne Carbonetti watercolor workshop last July at the Omega Institute in Rheinbeck, NY. Omega is a wonderful place and Jeanne is absolutely lovely. Overall, I think that loose is overrated in watercolor, but Jeanne's paintings have vibrant colors and look gorgeous. She is a splendid teacher too. Many artists talk about wanting to "loosen up" and many people like loose paintings. I rather like tight, realistic watercolors but do see how a little looseness could enhance a painting now and then. I could also see how it might be nice to complete a painting in a couple of hours instead of twenty.
I did this painting in class based on a photo I took in West Hartford. I like the painting, had a friend cut a mat and here it is. I actually sold it last month at the little outdoor art event to a woman who loved it. Now I own it again because her check bounced and she says that her fiance won't let her keep it. Go figure. So here it is for the world to see, and maybe somebody else will give it a good home. :)

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