Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kayaking to a Commission

Loon Lake Camp
2006 Commission
18 x 24

My family and I took a vacation in the Adirondacks in July of 2006. Our friend let us use his camp on Loon Lake for a week. This is not a painting of his camp.

We spent many hours wandering around the lake in both kayaks and a borrowed Adirondack Guide boat. I usually had my trusty digital camera with me. Luckily my children were in the guide boat with Jeff when I stumbled upon this "camp".

There was a man sitting on the porch enjoying the lovely day. I thought his camp was beautiful and Jeff suggested I take a picture of it. Because I am obsessed with painting and therefore photos are only to be used as references and not entities in themselves, I wasn't going to take the picture. Then I got a great idea!

I kayaked up to the man and asked, "Would you like an original watercolor painting of your camp?" He said, "Yes". I just happened to have images of my paintings on my camera, so I clambered out of the boat and on to their deck and showed the man and his wife what my art work was like. About this time Jeff and the kids paddled away to another part of the lake.

Next, I got back in to my kayak and took about a half zillion photos of their camp from different angles and distances. The couple chose a photo and picked a size. I kayaked away with a check for half the painting. Pretty cool, huh? We are going back again this summer. I'll have to remember always to keep my camera and business cards in my boat!

I also took lots of photos of the Adirondacks when I wasn't in my boat. The painting below was originally called Adirondack Serenity but I shortened it to Serenity. The price includes the mat and frame.

16 x 20

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