Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My paintings have been going to the birds lately! This is due in part to kind and generous photographers. Four very thoughtful men have allowed me to use their photos to paint these sweet birds.

I have completed four 5 x 7 hummingbird watercolors in the past week. I also have access to great photos for a Mountain Blue bird, Red Cross-bill, Western Tanager, Cardinal, more hummers, a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets and more! What fun!

The Rufous Hummingbird is the top one with orange and white. This photo is courtesy of William Zittrich. See his lovely photos at William's web site.

The Broad-tailed hummingbird with bright red on his throat is from a photo by James Ownby. Check out his marvelous photos at James Ownby.

Signed Giclee print: $29.95

This Anna's hummingbird is feeding on pollen from a California thistle. Reference photo courtesy of Chuck Peck of the Sierra Foothill Conservancy. Go to his web site and in addition to Chuck's beautiful photos you can see what looks to me like mating rattlesnakes. Sierra Foothills. Signed giclee print: $29.95

The bottom photo is a female Anna's Hummingbird feeding from a Crocosmia. The photo is courtesy of Matthew Field. I found it on Commons Wikimedia, a great web site that offers images and other media free for many uses. Visit Matt's web site for more great photos.

Thank you so much William, James, Chuck and Matt! I really appreciate your permission to paint from your photos. Maybe one day when I am a famous artist you will be recognized among those who helped and supported an unknown budding artist! (It can't hurt to be optimistic.)
These original paintings are sold. More birds coming soon!

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Wanna BEE Farm said...

Exquisite paintings.
I like the smile on the Anna's Hummingbird.
Keep posting I enjoy it.