Monday, April 28, 2008

Local Farm

Local Farm 2008
11 x 14
$450 with mat and frame

Local Farm is the real name of this Cornwall Connecticut Farm. My family visits every October for an apple pressing. I took many pictures in October 2007, including the two displayed below. (Jeff may have taken the one on the left.) In January, I took some cows from the photo on the right, and used the view of the barn from the photo on the left to help create this painting.

Local farm is a wonderful place. As Debra Tyler puts it on the home page of their web site:

"Local Farm is a small raw milk dairy dedicated to providing fresh wholesome milk to our friends and neighbors in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. Local Farm encourages developing a more intimate relationship with the food we eat, and backyard farming." Go to their web site at to find out more about their cows and the benefits of raw milk.

My family raises goats. It was my husband's idea. When there is a lot of work to be done they are "his" goats. I milk some of the time and so does Acacia. How I got wrangled in to milking "his" goats would be another rather long post. It is very nice having fresh somewhat organic raw goat milk to drink. We feed the milking goat organic grain, but she and the other goats eat hay that isn't organic, purchased from local farms. These "local farms" are not to be confused with Local Farm, but are just farms that happen to me near us. One of our goats is pregnant and due May 8. We also have chickens. The March 20 post shows a watercolor painting of Cha Cha, one of Jeff's original goats.

Our son, Leif, is six now. He has been drinking about a quart a day of goat milk for 4 - 5 years . He occasionally says "M-a-a-a--a-a", but is otherwise extremely strong and healthy. We sometimes make cheese and yogurt. I make LOTS of ice cream. I usually make a not very creamy, but super healthy and yummy vanilla ice cream using only: our raw goat milk, raw eggs from our chickens, maple syrup and vanilla. I just bought some maple syrup from our neighbor around the corner. If I could just grow some vanilla beans I'd be all set.

People often ask us if we live on a farm. Jeff has resolved the dilemma of answering that question by claiming the name Wanna BEE Farm for our homestead. (He will actually be getting honey bees next month.) Jeff was so proud of me when I started this blog last month. He must of thought, if Sharon can do it, it must be pretty easy. So now he has one too. He doesn't have any posts on it yet but there is a nice picture of him and the cat. He is too busy digging holes to plant more trees and preparing for his bees. He did find time to create a video and put it on Youtube, about milking a goat the Wanna BEE Farm way.

Hope you like the painting and now you know where to get your raw cow milk!

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