Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Western Tanager

Western Tanager 5 x 7
Giclee Print: $29.95
Reference photo by Elaine R. Wilson

April is bird month for me this year. I suspect that May and June and maybe the summer and fall may continue to be bird season! This is my first really obsessive series and I am enjoying it.

I finished this yesterday. Acacia (my 10 year old daughter and art critic), says that the orange should continue further down on his head. I am calling it done. Any birders want to put there two cents in? I may reconsider.

This is the third painting I have done using one of the Wilson's fabulous photos. Go to the More Hummingbirds post to see the link to their amazing web site. (Two posts ago.)
Coming soon: Rainbow Lorikeets

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