Monday, August 25, 2008

Gregory the Corn Snake

Last night I found Gregory, after she (or is it he, we don't really know) was lost in the house for three days! After ransacking and searching through the whole house and cellar for a large portion of those three days, I found her in a box of tissues in Leif's bedroom, right near her cage.
The first photo is Gregory on me, minutes before I put her away without remembering to put the heavy books on the lid of the cage. The second photo is Leif and Gregory this afternoon. We are all very happy. Special thanks to Darlene, a California psychic, for her remote viewing to help find Gregory. She assured me for three days that he was alive, still on the second floor, and most likely in Leif's room. Check out her site at Psychic readings by Darlene. She specializes in finding what is lost, and has a host of other very cool gifts. She is a fabulous resource.

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