Monday, March 17, 2008

Regarding Painting Painted Turtle Post

The last post didn't work out so well. I lost the images of Baby Turtle and the two reference images I tried to post. This happened while I was trying to wrap the text nicely. I tried the preview to hunt for the missing images and that made my whole draft completely inaccessible to me. My friend in Vermont published it for me on his computer, just to get it up. Sorry for the mess. This will be resolved I hope when we get DSL!

I am trying again to post the image of the painting Baby Turtle and the reference photo I used for it. The painted painted turtle is on a small log instead of the lily pad root. I can't tell if this is working at all because everything is showing in HTML instead of showing me pictures and normal text. I apologize. Thanks for your patience! I'll be better at this soon.

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