Friday, March 14, 2008


Giraffe 11 x 14
Original watercolor $450
Limited Edition
Giclee Print $95
Note cards available!

These are two of my favorite paintings. Some people wonder why I paint giraffes instead of something more marketable, but I love giraffes and think they are beautiful. I finished my first zebra painting and was immediately compelled to paint giraffes. I have sold two Giclee prints of each so people do buy them. The giraffe note cards sell well also. Originals still available.

I started the vertical painting first. It originally had a typical blue sky, similar to the one in the horizontal painting. I got some giraffe color in the sky that I couldn't remove and the giraffes weren't coming along too well. I temporarily gave up on the painting for several months. I started and completed the single giraffe without any major mishaps and eventually went back to the duo.

Original Sold
11 x 14 Limited Edition Signed Giclee print $95
Note cards $2.50
I completed the second painting and many people admire the colors in the background. I like it because it shows fun and creativity instead of my tendency toward photo realism. This is a result of my "messing up" the blue sky. Artists call those "lucky accidents". I think that the single giraffe painting might look too much like the photo.

I used photo references from a fabulous photographer named Scotch Macaskill. Check out his great wildlife photos at Scotch photo site.
Reference images shown below. I purchased an online "giraffe package" from him last year for $6.00. I looked today and now the packages are $10 which is still quite the bargain. He has MANY wonderful photos. I also did zebra and leopard paintings using his photos.

Bye for now. I have an owl to paint!

Reference photos

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