Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stanclift Cove

Stanclift Cove  11 x 14  $450 with mat and frame  Note Card: $2.50

Stanclift cove is on Lake McDonough, here in Barkhamsted, CT. We live about a mile away from it and spend many hours there every summer. This is the view from near the Braille Trail at Goose Green Beach. I took the reference photo.

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Stanclift Cove trees 83 said...

Beautiful picture Sharon. Shame it's scheduled to be significantly altered next month.
Hundreds of families over the years have formed lasting memories from the familial celebrations held under the pines. Townspeople have formed life-long friendships and watched their children grow up there. Stanclift Cove pines are iconic. The memories held and shade provided by that grove of pine trees are priceless.

Recently, the Stanclift Cove Authority decided that a large number of white pine trees need to be cut down.

This is scheduled to occur sometime after Labor Day 2015. Eighty-three trees are presently destined to be cut in the picnic area alone, a full 64%. The actual number could be more. A group of concerned members of the Cove have tried to work for the tree removal to be done in stages over a few years. New trees could be planted gradually and their progress monitored. Certainly, dead trees and those that impose an immediate hazard need to be taken now. But eighty-three trees cut all at once will alter the landscape permanently and open the area to soil erosion, the spreading of invasive species of plants, not to mention eighty-three stumps.

Cutting all the trees at once is fast and a cheap way to deal with potential litigation. But a multiyear approach

of managed care would be better.
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