Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Three Bears

Backyard Forest
12 x 16
This was an attempt at a plein air painting of the woods in my back yard. I started outside and then spent weeks in the studio tightening it up. I never really liked it much. It didn't have a center of interest.

I finally realized that what the painting was missing was bears! Several weeks ago, Momma bear and her cubs visited our yard and spent the evening in the neighborhood. It was too cool! I was inspired.

Revised painting:
The Three Bears 2008
12 x 18
$295 with mat and frame
After I added the bears I changed the shapes of some trees and branches, added texture to the bark, and worked on the foliage and the sky. It was challenging to get the bears in over the foliage without having them look green. That is why they are so dark.

On the left: Momma Bear with her fancy ear tags.

On the right: The three cubs, posing on our street. They spent a lot of time in a neighbor's trees but the pictures didn't come out.

Sorry for the blurriness.

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