Tuesday, September 30, 2008

German Shepherd Portrait

Elsa Marie
16 x 20

I finished this painting today and I sure am glad that it is done. It took about 30 hours over 3 weeks. I used my own photo as a reference. I am doing another 16 x 20 German Shepherd for the same customer. Sophia will be a bit more challenging because I will work from old, less than perfect photos, since she is no longer with us. I guess I am a portrait artist now! :)

Tomorrow my show starts at the Gallery at the Mill House in Chester CT. For more information got to MILL HOUSE. My art will be on display there for the month of October, with an opening reception Saturday, Oct. 4, from 2 - 5. Sunday I plan on displaying prints, note cards and a few paintings at the New Hartford Festival of Arts, on Main Street in the center of New Hartford. Yesterday I met with the staff of Piccolo's restaurant in Farmington and made plans to display my art there and at the Peppercorn Grill in Hartford, starting in November. I am in the process of having giclee prints made of some of my favorite bird paintings, and I have sold three paintings in the last 10 days! So, the lack of posts on this blog is because I am crazy busy being an artist and promoting my work, and occasionally acknowledging my family, not because I am slacking off!

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