Friday, May 23, 2008


8 x 10
Note Cards available

I painted this owl as a 50th wedding anniversary gift for my parents. I asked my photographer friend Prasad Menon if he had any owls and he sent me a great photo of this Burrowing Owl. This was before I had learned the art of surfing the web to hunt for images. Please visit Prasad's web site at menonphoto to see very beautiful photos.

Night Owl
8 x 10
Note cards available

This painting of a Northern Pygmy Owl was done using a reference photo by Jared Hobbs. He also provided me with the photo for the owl below. As I have mentioned before, Jared has awesome wildlife photos at hobbsphotos.

Spotted Owl
10 x 8
$225 with mat and frame

This painting of a Mexican Spotted Owl was done using another photo by Jared Hobbs. I started it months ago and finished it this week. The rock is sandstone.

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