Wednesday, February 4, 2009


5 x 7
Signed giclee prints:
5 x 7: $29.95
6 3/4 x 10: $45
Note cards available

I used another reference photo from Jerry Acton. Thanks Jerry! This is a gift for a very special friend. Paula is the woman who bought my massage therapy practice from me, enabling me to focus much more time and energy on painting! I give thanks for Paula every day. She told me that she loves black capped chickadees and this small gift will be a surprise for her!


Timeless River said...

Nice paintings...I really like your work..I have a question for you though.Do you paint the bg first before you get into the details of the painting or do you reserve the bg for last..I ask this cos it looks like you've been able to master the apprehensions that come with doing a bg.almost all artists I've interacted with have tole be bout being apprehensive bout doing bg's

Sharon said...


Thanks. I'm glad you like my paintings. I usually mask out the main image (in this case the bird and branch) and do the bg first. Sometimes, like in this painting, I end up going back to the background. (I changed the shape of a branch.) It can be challenging when I am redoing the bg around the subject but sometimes it still works. Good luck with your painting and I hope it is good for you to be back home.